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Computing is using computers to learn and use technological skills, knowledge and understanding. This involves three seperate areas: information technologydigital literacy and computer science.

  • Information technology is about using computers for collecting and presenting information, or for other functional purposes.
  • Digital literacy is understanding how to use technologies safe and responsibily.
  • Computer Science is the understanding of how computers and networks work, and basic computer programming.

Robots and Games

By the end of their time with us, pupils will have programmed floor robots and games in their computing lessons. This type of programming develops key analytical and problem solving skills.

Confident Digital Citizens

Computers have become a big part of life, and at Southville we believe it is important to prepare pupils to navigate the digital world safely and with confidence.


The computing curriculum at Southville is split into KS1 and KS1. Early Years pupils explore technology through roleplay and older technology to aid understanding of the world around them.

In KS1, pupils begin to understand basic computing terminology such as algorithms, and begin to think in a logical way like computers with clear and unambiguous instructions.

In KS2, pupils spend more time designing, writing and debugging programs and understanding how these programs work. In addition, they look at larger networks such as the internet and the World Wide Web (WWW). All of this is done with the goal of gaining specific information or completing specific goals.

Purple Mash

At Southville, we make use of the platform Purple Mash for computer lessons. This platform is self-contained and provides opportunities for writing, drawing, coding, animating, blogging and more

Jam Coding

Alongside Purple Mash, pupils get high-quality specialised lessons from Jam Coding coaches. Alongside teaching digital skillsets, these coaches aim to engage and inspire children into the digital career path.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about the computing curriculum offered at Southville, the full curriculum statement is available below.

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