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English - Reading

English is at the heart of all learning. It is the study of spoken and written word, and it is used every single day to communicate ideas and emotions to others.

Fully Equipped

At Southville, we teach children to read easily, fluently and with good understanding. This ensures that they are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills they need.

Capable, Confident and Curious

Through developing a love of reading and using a range of rich and varied texts, pupils will have their imagination sparked and their curiousity satified.

  • Nursery

    Pupils in nursery are surrounded by a small selection of books that are regularly rotated. In addition to this, they listen to nursery rhymes and stories that are led by adults every day. Each week, pupils choose a book that they take home to share with their families.

  • Reception

    Pupils in reception practice reading three times a week in small groups. After this, they take home a book to demonstrate their reading at home alongside a 'Bookworm Book' from the Book Corner.

  • Year 1

    In year one, pupils continue to read three times a week in small groups. Alongside this and taking books home each week, the children take home a book to read for pleasure and regularly hear good quality poems and stories in their english lessons. Once a week, a new poem of the week is taught and most days there will be a story time at 3pm.

  • Year 2

    Pupils in year two begin to read independently and read 'banded' books based on their reading level which are taken home. Teachers listen to pupils read once a week and teachs them what they should focus on next. Alongside this, pupils can borrow books for the class library. In school, pupils will learn a poem of the week and by the end of the year some children become fluent readers and move onto our KS2 reading program, Accelerated Reader.

  • Year 3

    In year 3, children usually start the Accelerated Reader program which uses quizes to assess their knowledge and then allows pupils to pick from a range of books from within this level of knowledge, similar to a band system. In the transition from KS1 to KS2, pupils will read with a class teacher once a week until the end of the Autumn term. From the spring term, pupils will do whole class reading sessions which introduce pupils to different comprehension skills.

  • KS2

    From this point onwards, children become more familiar with a wide range of quality fiction, with texts chosen from recommendations from parents, teachers and recognised reading bodies. Each week, pupils have 3 forty-five minute lessons where they follow along with the teacher reading and then practice roal and written comprehension with a focus of one skill within each lesson.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in having more information regarding the English reading curriculum at Southville, you can find the full curriculum statement below.

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