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Geography is the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments.

Curiosity and Facination

By the time your child leaves Southville, they'll be curious and facinated by the world around them and it's people. We hope that they will be guardians of the environment and continue to protect it for the generation to come.

Local, and wider.

Southville will help children to appreciate the local area while also broadening their horizons and providing them with knowledge and experience of landmarks, lifestyles and cultures they may not experience otherwise.

  • Nursery

    Nursery pupils will look at where they are from, begin to understand transportation and about animal habitats.

  • Reception

    In reception, the use of nursery rhymes will help encourage understanding on housing and homing and looking at similarities and differences between living in different countries.

  • Year 1

    Within year 1, pupils will look at toyssouthville and the history of the shool and about the history of flight and it's impact on geography.

  • Year 2

    Within year 2, pupils will look at their local 'world', before looking at the safari and the  farm.

  • Year 3

    In year 3, pupils will begin to look at other countries, about where the food they eat comes from and what it is like in the desert.

  • Year 4

    Year 4 looks at our neighbours in Europe, how different people earn money, and village settlers.

  • Year 5

    In year 5 pupils will look at the geography of the United Kingdom, begin to understand rivers and about South America

  • Year 6

    Year 6 pupils will look at their local area in more detail, about North America, and extreme earth.

Human and Physical Geography

The geography curriculum at Southville balances Human Geography (the study of people) and physical geography (the study of the earth).


Interactive and fun

Southville focuses on ensuring that our geography lessons are fun and interactive, with ample time for discussions. A mix of activities ensure that pupils think about these topics in different ways.

Want to know more?

Below is the full curriculum statement for Geography with additional details of what your child will be up to when with us.

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