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Design and Technology

Design and Technology is about gaining the skills and knowledge to think creatively, so children becoming innovative and learn how products are designed and made.

A wide range of practical skills

Through their time with us, pupils at Southville will learn practical skills that they can use in the world around them. These range from sewing to electricals.

Continuous Learning

Each year of work is designed to build upon the previous learning. Pupils are encouraged to use a variety of skills in their lessons.

  • Nursery

    In nursery, pupils will do junk modelling, make use of tools and materials, and create props for play.

  • Reception

    In reception, pupils will design and create christmas decorations, creating a chair of baby bair and constructing bridges for the Three Billy Goats Gruff, and design and create transport to go on holiday.

  • Year 1

    In year 1, pupils will make moving picure christmas cards, look at fruit and veg and nutrition, and look at vehicles.

  • Year 2

    In year 2, pupils will create puppets, look at homes and create the perfect pizza.

  • Year 3

    In year 3, pupils will make sandwich snacks, make moving monsters and look at packaging.

  • Year 4

    In year 4, pupils will make money containers, alarms and story books. They will also spend some time look at seasonal and cultural nutrition.

  • Year 5

    In year 5, pupils will look at musical instruments, moving toys and bread.

  • Year 6

    In year 6, pupils will look at fairgrounds, 'Great British Food', the food pyramid and upcycling materials.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in further information about the design and technology curriculum, below is the full curriculum statement. 

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