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A Key Skill

Being able to write is a key skill for pupils and is used every single day in almost all subjects throughout the curriculum. Our aim is that children leave Southville able to write clearly and coherently, and are confident in their writing.

Wide-ranging Vocabulary

A wide vocabulary helps children to express themselves and understand the world around them. As a result, vocabulary is at the center of our approach to enable children to grow their writing to the highest standards.

  • Nursery

    In nursery, children begin their writing journey with mark making and giving these marks meaning. They begin to learn how to form letters in handwriting activities.

  • Reception

    In reception, repetition of lables, lists, phrases and short sentences are used to help children to write. Alongside this, pupils have hand-writing lessons where they are taught to write letters correctly using lead-ins.

  • Year 1

    In year one, pupils begin to write in sentences about stories and events. They learn how to retell stories with a beginning, a middle and an end and then learn how to write simple recounts and descriptions. The aim is to ensure that pupils are able to read their own handwriting out to others.

  • Year 2

    In year two, children begin to write in a range of text types such as adventure, mystery, reports, letters and diaries. They are taught how to use conjunctions like and and but, and a wider range of vocabulary. At the end of the year, pupils will be introduced to editing their own work through correcting spelling mistakes and capital letters with purple pen.

  • KS2

    Throughout key stage 2, pupils are learning to use more sophisticated language through the introduction of new grammar techniques and writing voices (such as persuasion) that allow them to present their ideas to others. They are also taught about how to use different levels of formality depending on the audience.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about your child's English Writing curriculum, a full curriculum statement can be found below.

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