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Music is using sounds to create art.


At Southville, our high-quality music education aims to improve pupil self-confidence and well as a sense of personal achievement and empowerment.

A universal language

Music is considered a universal language of self-expression at Southville. Pupils can communicate their personality and they can be exposed to a range of cultures.

  • Nursery

    In nursery, pupils sing nursery rymes, sing and play with musical instruments and sing and play to rhythms.

  • Reception

    In reception, pupils begin to build a repertoire of dances and songs. They also look at composing their own music and performing songs and rhymes.

  • Year 1

    In year 1, pupils will look at learning how pulse, rhythm and pitch work together. They'll also get introduced to tuned percussion, different styles of music and using their imagination to create lyrics.

  • Year 2

    In year 2, pupils will learn about music from other parts of the world, about different music styles and continue to learn how to perform.

  • Year 3

    In year 3, pupils get recorders from the Hounslow music service.

  • Year 4

    In year 4, pupils will learn clarinets as provided by the Hounslow Music Service.

  • Year 5

    Alongside looking at different styles of music, pupils will also be introduced to Djembe drumming.

  • Year 6

    In year 6, pupils will continue to explore different music genres, and in the final term the pupils will pick their favourite previous topic from the year to learn more in-depth information about.

Want to know more?

Below is the full Curriculum statement for music for those who would like to know more information about the music curriculum at Southville.

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