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English - Phonics

English at Southville is split into 4 key areas. One of these areas is phonics, which are the sounds that make up words. 


Tackle Unfamiliar Words

Through a comprehensive phonics programme provided by Little Wandle Letters and Sounds, pupils at Southville Primary will be able to tackle any unknown words when reading.

Reading for pleasure

At Southville, we believe that the ability to read fluently is an important life skill. By the time a pupil is finished with us, we aim for them to be reading fluently and enjoy reading regularly for enjoyment.

  • Nursery

    Pupils in Nursery will learn high-quality stories and poems, learn a range of nursery and action rhymes, and will be well-prepared for the next steps in their phonics journey.

  • Reception and Year 1

    In Reception and year 1, pupils will lead up to 30 minutes of phonics a day. This begins with 10 minutes of lessons and daily oral blending games, moving to full lessons ASAP.

  • Daily Keep-up lessons

    Any children who need additional practice has daily 'Keep-Up' support which is taught by a fully trained adult. With more repetition, children who are struggling are able to solidify these concepts.

    This is specifically designed for children in Year 2 and above who are not fluently reading or have not passed the Phonics screening check.

Reading Practice

In small groups, children are taught to read with a fully trained adult. These books will be matched to their Little Wandle Letters and Sounds grids. There are additional reading practice that has a clear focus not over-working the child's memory. These help students to decode, read with understanding and expression, and comprehension.

Home Reading

Children will be sent home with reading books, that are designed to be read for pleasure and shared with parents. Sharing reading with children is incredibly important and we encourage all parents to engage in reading with their children.

Want to know more?

If you would be interested in further information about the phonics curriculum at Southville, please see the full information below.

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